About The Mill Restaurant

Dedicated to Farm-Fresh, Local, Sustainable food and drinks
The Mill Restaurant focuses on bringing local meats and produce to the local consumer. We are dedicated to the local food movement, bringing our customers the freshest ingredients possible.

We value quality and taste over ease and convenience, which ultimately results in healthier food. Processed foods contain excessive amounts of sugar, fat, and sodium which can lead to a variety of health issues. The food we serve at The Mill Restaurant emphasizes simply prepared food comprised of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

You can't beat the taste of fresh picked herbs and vegetables. Allowing produce to mature and ripen to their peak rather than picking it early to allow for transport and packaging results in fresher, better tasting dishes at The Mill.

About Our Chef: Morgan Olson

Morgan began his culinary career as a dishwasher at a well known tavern in State College, Pennsylvania while attending classes at Penn State University. What started as a means to pay rent evolved into a pivotal turning point in his life. When his best friend at the Tavern made the decision to attend the Culinary Institute of America, Morgan realized if he wanted to be the best, he needed to train with the best, and off to Hyde Park he went.

It was at the CIA that Morgan fortuitously met John Heineke. They realized early on that their career paths were intrinsically connected when an opportunity arose granting them the chance to help develop the fledgling Poughkeepsie Ice House on the Hudson with restaurateur Mike Lund. Upon graduating from the CIA, Morgan made the leap to New York City and joined the mega-hospitality company E Squared Hospitality. Under the tutelage of a pair of renowned chefs Manuel Trevino and Cliff Crooks, Morgan was named Chef de Cuisine of Horchata de Nueva York, a Mexican concept restaurant on Sixth Avenue. His time at Horchata was filled learning experiences that would shape the rest of his career. After mulling over an offer to be Executive Chef for Crestline Hotels & Resorts, it was with bittersweet enthusiasm that he left E Squared and moved to Williamsburg, Virginia to take on a new project at an historic hotel and conference center. Morgan's work with one of the premier hotel management companies helped to develop his craft and business acumen.

Throughout these developments, Mike, John and Morgan stayed in close contact and continued to plot a course that would eventually steer their careers back together.

It is with great pride and excitement that Morgan and John are back in Poughkeepsie with Mike to develop the preeminent hospitality experience in the Hudson Valley.