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The Chandler sex date

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Vanessa McCarthy. After his date with RachelJoey finds it impossible sfx go back to thinking about her as just a friend, yet he can't talk about it, not even with Chandler. The Chandler sex date Joey rambles, he shuts up when Phoebe enters, which makes Monica conclude he must be in love with Phoebe.

Monica decides to tell Phoebe, who goes to tell Joey that she knows about his feelings and that it's unlikely to work out like Online dating made easy and Monica.

However, as Phoebe doesn't specify who the feelings the Chandler sex date for, Joey believes she knows they're for Rachel and lets it daate that they are. Phoebe is surprised, but plays along that she already knew it was Rachel and assures the Chandler sex date that his crush will eventually go away.

yhe Considering baby names, parents to be Ross and Rachel find no word in common except 'veto'! They agree not to ask the child's sex, but Rachel has a moment of weakness and peeks at the file.

Even though she didn't actually see the sex of the baby, Ross is convinced she did and calls the gynecologist to find out Cbandler the Chandler sex date they both know.

He then lets it slip that the baby is a girl even though Rachel didn't want to know.

The friends hug as Ross and Rachel announce they are having a baby girl When Chandler says he doesn't like baths, Monica is surprised because he always likes taking them with.

Chandler tells her he doesn't like the bath, he likes "the wet, naked lady" in the bath with. Monica Chamdler to convince him that he the Chandler sex date like a bath if she showed him the right way to prepare one.

When he finally agrees to try it Chabdler loves it, the Chandler sex date when he tries to prepare his own bath he gets everything wrong, so next time Monica draws a bath for herself he steals it.

Everyone gathers in the bathroom while Chandler is in the tub to share the news that Rachel and Ross are having a girl. Amanda Carlin - Dr.

Long James Michael Tyler - Gunther uncredited. Written By: Sign In Don't have an account?

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Looking Couples The Chandler sex date

Retrieved from " https: January 17, Ben Weiss. Series Eight Episodes.

Season 8.