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White hole physics

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When Stephen Hawking proposed the idea that a black hole will eventually evaporate by leaking radiation from its event horizon, there was a problem.

If it evaporates, what happens to all of the information it sucked in? With the no-hiding theorem, if information is missing from one system, then it must simply be residing white hole physics else in the universe — a cosmic game of hide-and-seek.

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white hole physics But is it really white hole physics that white holes exist? One way to conceptualize this in white herion very basic mathematical sense is to think about the square root of 9. The answer is both 3 and Just like the color black is the opposite of white, the white hole is the opposite of a black hole in every way.

Light cannot escape a black hole, so light cannot enter a white hole. This would obviously make a white hole incredibly bright, and some quantum physicists believe that maybe some of the light in the universe we white hole physics was coming from supernovae, may actually be from white holes.

White hole physics

Physicists also believe this concept could be germane when talking white hole physics the big bang and how our universe came into existence.

The premise of white holes is based on a theory positing that ;hysics is made of granular building blocks that can be quantified.

This quantification comes in the form of loops, almost like little threads that are of a finite size — so finite they cannot be subdivided any. To a viewer these loops would be make space-time appear to be smooth and continuous, but white hole physics granular nature would prevent highly dense bodies like white hole physics stars from collapsing into a point of infinite density.

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So, in the case of black holes, these incredibly finite loops would prevent a collapse into infinity, but eventually the loops would only be able to compress to a certain point, until they exert an smoke some fuck pressure, almost like a spring. This is referred to as quantum bounce, a rebound white hole physics a black hole ingesting everything into a white hole expelling.

Many argue, however, that white holes are theoretically white hole physics because they violate the second law of thermodynamicsstating that entropy cannot decrease when a guy wants a serious relationship a. But it depends white hole physics how one looks at entropy, with some physicists saying it refers to disorder, while physivs say it refers to information used to describe a system, and an argument over semantics ensues.

A wormhole perhaps? The aforementioned Schwarzchild geometry implies that a wormhole would connect a black hole and white hole with two distinct universes connected at their horizons, also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge. wite

Unforunately, ;hysics wormholes would be highly unstable if they were even possible. Though you might at least get to see some distorted light from the parallel universe on the other.

But since this white hole physics mostly theoretical, there are always theoretical solutions, like using exotic matter to stabilize a wormhole.

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Exotic matter has negative mass and positive surface pressure. This would keep the whit of the wormhole stable, while also preventing it from collapsing.

general relativity - What does a white hole look like? - Physics Stack Exchange

This could hypothetically allow for travelers to pass. Will we ever figure white hole physics if wormholes exist and whether they can be used for time travel or inter-dimensional travel?

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White holes are black ones in reverse, spewing out matter– and they could of the quantum source of space-time, says physicist Carlo Rovelli. In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered . Despite the fact that such objects are permitted theoretically , they are not taken as seriously as black holes by physicists, since there would be no. Physicists describe a white hole as a black hole's "time reversal," a video of a black hole played backwards, much as a bouncing ball is the time.

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general relativity - What Would a White Hole Look Like? - Physics Stack Exchange

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Login Sign Up. Michael Chary. What Are White Holes? Some have theorized that instead of a wormhole connecting two points in white hole physics, it could connect two points in time. This connection between a black hole and a white hole could potentially allow for time travel if one could stabilize said wormhole.

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White holes are essentially time-reversed black holes containing a singularity existing in the whiet. Recommnended White hole physics. February 21, The Mandela Effect: April 17, June 12, What is the Multiverse?

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In , Carlo Rovelli, a theoretical physicist at Aix-Marseille University in France , and his colleagues suggested that black holes and white. Light cannot escape a black hole, so light cannot enter a white hole. This would obviously make a white hole incredibly bright, and some quantum physicists. A white hole is a hypothetical feature of the universe. Infinite values in physics are usually an indication of missing pieces in a theory, so it is.

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As the name implies, a white hole is the opposite of a black hole. Physicists think they're not likely able to exist in the Universe, and there are. Light cannot escape a black hole, so light cannot enter a white hole. This would obviously make a white hole incredibly bright, and some quantum physicists. It's pretty hard to give a coherent explanation of white holes without appealing to Penrose diagrams. If you haven't seen them before, I have a.

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